We’re not just another third-party vendor. We bring to the table the perspective of a fellow operator, a viewpoint often missing in the industry. Our firsthand experience with daily operations enables us to understand the challenges and needs of your business better than anyone else. This insight shapes our services, ensuring they are finely tuned to what your car wash truly needs.

We pride ourselves in offering a first-of-its-kind service contract in our market (and to the best of our knowledge, in the whole industry). Our service contracts are designed to make us an integral part of your business, working with you hand in hand towards your success.

Maintenance & Repair

We redefine the traditional notion of a service provider, evolving it into a strategic partnership. With nearly four decades of experience running car washes, we view your car wash operations through the unique lens of a seasoned operator. Our game-changing service contracts, based not on labor hours but on car counts, create a mutual investment in success. We ensure our growth is symbiotic with yours. Our commitment goes beyond providing a service – we embed ourselves into your operations, striving for your increased efficiency, heightened customer satisfaction, and amplified profitability.


Chemistry is at the heart of a superior car wash experience. That’s why we are proud to be a distributor of Ver-tech Labs, the industry-leading car wash chemical manufacturer. Ver-tech Labs’ innovative “Vault” system takes chemical delivery to the next level. Using highly efficient concentrates, this patented system guarantees seamless operation. Adding to the efficiency of the Vault system, Ver-tech Labs offers an intuitive mobile application. that allows you to track orders, manage inventory, and monitor usage.

Wall Cleaning & Surfacing

Maintaining a pristine appearance is paramount at any successful car wash. At Wisconsin Car Wash Services, we offer comprehensive bay and equipment cleaning to ensure your car wash always ‘sells clean.’ Our cleaning services also extend to weed-treating the entrance and exit areas of your car wash, ensuring a welcoming curb appeal. For those walls that have seen better days, we offer replacement services with i-Span; a durable, chemical-resistant PVC product that is easy to keep clean and is easy on your wallet. With us as your partner, expect a car wash environment that truly shines.


We have 40 years of hands-on car wash operation as well as 25 years of service team management with some of the nation’s largest car wash service providers. Our leadership team brings diverse expertise such as an Engineering degree from UW Stout, FAA certified A&P Mechanic, and former Air Force Crew Chief, as well as an MBA from Marquette University. With over 75 years of combined car wash industry experience, the leaders of Wisconsin Car Wash Services offer great insight into maximizing your wash.

Your success IS our business

At Wisconsin Car Wash Services, our commitment goes beyond providing services; we partner with you to build a brighter future for your car wash business. Join us as we redefine what support means in the car wash industry.

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